Monday, October 01, 2007

at last i made it

i'm craving for bubur sumsum for weeks. just realized its been 3 years i missed it. plus, since grandma gone. no one got so much free time to make it. so, i asked kak reeny (my SIL) to make it. i searched d recipes on net n found lots of them in bahasa indonesia. cool, i never know bubur sumsum comes from sumatera. and knw what, here it is d same as kuih lompat tikam. a LOL. i never heard about lompat tikam. coz i growing up with bubur sumsum :))

home made bubur sumsum

i cut it in cube coz we put it in a large container
delish~! thx SIL!

for d recipe, just type "bubur sumsum" at any search engine n u'l find lots!
ayay, 2 papers coming. pray for me guys!

little adam syahmi

adam syahmi dah 5 bulan! i loooove his eyes!

Happy B'day to Haslia! woaaa 21 !! r u voting ?? noooo waaay! haha


ermabutang said...

yeah,, it is delicious babe~~
like it~[i think i like all th0se sweet stuff hehhehehe
btw thanx 4 bringin it h0me,,,

nutzmalassignin said...

mestilaa.. tgk la sape wat. hehe
n like heck td jumpa bubur sum2 kat downtown~~ penat je selama ni mengidam ade je kat sini.. heh~