Sunday, August 05, 2007

theatre : enemy of the people

"...the strongest man in the world is the man who stands most alone."

In a classic tale of 'man versus the world', Enemy of the People addresses the irrational tendencies of the masses, and the hypocritical and corrupt nature of the political system that they support.

Dr Stockmann discovers that the waters from which his native spa town draws its wealth are dangerously contaminated. As the citizens realise the financial implications, Stockmann comes under increasing pressure to keep silent, and is denounced and branded as "an enemy of the people."

Joanna Bessey directs Arthur Miller's version of this Henrik Ibsen classic, presented here as part of KLPac's Black Box Festival, which will also feature plays directed by Helena Foo and Gavin Yap.

Featuring the acting talents of Zalfian Fuzi, Na'a Murad, Razif Hashim, and more.

yep, i did watched the play this evening. actually i just replacing naqib's seat since he's not going. well, its for the teslian actually. but to not wasted the ticket, i'm going on behalf of him. and i'm glad i was there. we had so much fun and i did enjoyed the play. the cast'r great, they did very well. tho of course i'm not really njoy it when they use slanga in their language, i just cant understand. lol. its my bad. okay, 4 stars for them. ;))

n yes. we'r lucky. only 6 of us. we met the cast after the show! after a long wait! well, worth it!


razif is much much cuter in real life! n humble. ;))


wif j0anna bessey, d director.. or like ema said, the lux ambassador. ;))


wif "Dr Stockman" and his "daughter". he's more handsome without the costume, n dat kid really adorable. ;3


b4 d play. we play-play dululah~


just arrived klpac


nutting, in d lift ;D

ah ya, Happy B'day Nabila J ! Hv a w0nderful year of 20~ ahaks~ ;p


mutiaRA said...

hey nad..glad u enJoyed the play..besh doh dpt tgk play ngan aaalll the last..byk gamba kiter 6 owang kan...=p ehhe..raZif hot nak MamPos..urrrgghhh...mata dia leh mencairkan atiiii..eheh.pas tu pekena abc..urmmpphh! ngaammmm..tata...nad gile

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

mutiara mana pulak nih..
mesti fafa yg giler nih..
seri0us he's damn hot.
n he's MINE. he he
tata fafa comot~~

shahrul erma said...

t0tal h0t h0t h0t~~~
like my g0d~~~~~~~~~~~~~
glad u kinda enj0y da theater hehehehhe,,, our sitting p0siti0n is gud en0ugh...
n razif supp0se t0 sit there!!!!!!!!! n0t da other r0w~ cess,,,
nut.. lets tunku~

nabila j said...

hoho.thanx for the bday wish! anddd.. aku rindu klpac! dulu aku slalu je tgk theater dkt situ! sob2

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

@erma : wasnt good enough! aku rase nak terjun je g dpan grab die! he he he. jom, coming tunku!

@bila : u'r welcome ;))
raye nanti balik, g la sgah ngan ur hubby! he he he.. coming ada tunku the musical, tony eusof ngan douglas lim seyh... aku yg disini pun x tentu g. ;p

fafa mutiara said...

nad..from now on call me mutiara eyh..=p ehehe..tu ajak..g seat dpan..leh tgk assss dia..xnaaakk.nk duduk ngan atliT n si teteKyi yg gile tuhh..kan nyesaaaall...eheheh...

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

mutiara? think it suit you enough? he he..

boleh ak jgn cr gaduh ckp sy duk sblah atlit? btw, tetekyi tu x gila. dont u worry. die mereng je. he he