Tuesday, August 21, 2007

home is lovely but i'm lazy

my mom was there. d day b4 i left kl. and wif adam syahmi.. unexpected, came too. i just wanted to share how SCARED he was.. being wif my housemates. geez.


see people? they'r terrible in baby-sitting

ha ha ha. blame erma n syima for his hysterical voice in block for dat nite. LOL
[actually he had much fun wif them too. too much laughing, shouting n crying!!]

n d nite b4 i left. again something's up in house.
FAFA's locked in d toilet. gyahahahahhahaha. d toiler door handle had broken. she waited in d toilet for bout an hour till ryna came wif her full strength of her fever energy to broke down d handle using d 'lesung batu'. good job ryna !! *waves*


guess we need a new one, eyh fafa? ;p

and d next morning. after lunch, thx fafa for her sambal udang. yumms~ i off to pudu, got 1230 pm ticket but due to d stupid bus system, i got on bus at 0115 pm. cheh. i hate PUDU for their big liar tickets seller!!


wait wait n wait !

n nw i'm home. got much to do. xpecially d aSSgmens dat i hvnt touch yet. what i'm doing whole day is finishing wawa's comic collection, new novels i'd bought at popular yesterday, playing friendster, chatting at ym, watching clips, anime n dramas at crunchyroll and sleeep eat routine. blah ~


what? i'l do it LATER!


~~mutiara yg menYinar~~ said...

== bleH aakk..dont make me jeleshh..im not here when adam was in da house...=(((..(tripple sad..) mmg syIma n erma monster..patot la adam seram..histeria..adam leh masok drama susuK...

==jgn bgtau org aku tskat kt tandaas aaaakkkk..ehehe..serious ari yg horror for me..curse pak lah ke..huhu...gud luck wif da assgments..pdan muka bas lmBt...=p

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

mutiara tandas?? ;p

--> adam mmg blakun susuk. monster 2 org tu org bwhan degawan. ha ha

--> bad day eyh fa? ape kene mgene pak lah?? ha ha ha~

mish u gals :(((( [super sad]

eRma da gud 0ne said...

i'm one 0f da t0p babysitter in al0q stuck babey~~~

fafa- baw tandas until n0w~~

melekat babeh~~

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

@erma : yes you were. nomore baby u had to-sit. since they'l gone.
-china n uk-

coz u'r the worste.
ha ha ha

[serious fafa bau jamban ;p]