Wednesday, August 22, 2007

bunny found another hole

i found more n more dvds in dad's room. which i hvnt seen. another reason y i havent touched my assignments yet.


i'm such a nice gurl said...

dun blame other things f0r ur laziness dear,, b juz like me,, i'm lazy~~~~ being lazy is fun f0r awhile but n0t during da exam week [wink2] cute lil bunny~~~~~ h0p h0p h0p,,, thanx f0r pr0mising of buying me bunny~ i want charcoal black bunny~

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

i neva promising any to u. go get ur ownself. n no animal allowed in our house, u shud noticed dat. *sigh

but, charcoal black bunny sounds cute ;x