Monday, July 09, 2007

a lil story

it was a week of surprises. yah, its true. omy, now i'm gettin bit EMO.

its something that already past that i hate to tell, but fafa's dad gone to rahmatullah last tuesday. Al-fatihah to him, semoga ditempatkan dengan orang2 yg beriman. i knw fafa 'll doing good. she's strong n tough enough. but the funny things was at lcct airport where we acc fafa flew to labuan. we lost d way home. lol. i'm d one who driving. ha ha. we just followed d signboard but its very unfamiliar highway where no cars around and we got home after pass by sungai balak, putrajaya n so much different world. well, its a good experience afterall. i get used all d highway now. lol. aha, i skipped classes dat day ;p

PE's class always made me crazy. its damn tiring tho bit fun. just avoid to come late for the class or u'l get scolded for an hour. haha, i'm glad d teslian will face d PE class too.. yaY~! barulah adil kan erma? ;D

adam syahmi [ma nephew] hving his aqiqah n gunting rambut ceremony last saturday! so i skipped my saturday classes to back home, yong peng. hehe. i had so much ponteng for this sem. just need to make sure my attendance is just enough for me to sit for d xmination. lol. but i went to jj maluri b4 going back. just for the takoyaki!!



ryna and syima


erma n me. cam whoring!


syima macam anak kucing!!


ah, ryna u r too slow!

yea, its takoyaki day! i did tapau for lil sis at kampong. she's damn craving for takoyaki so dat i went to jj dat evening. at nite, abang long fetched me at *mas, heading home~ duu duu


adam syahmi gettin cuter n friendly!


erMa said...

yer,,, same kna amek pE,,,
tp k0 x yah tgk muka lecturer science p0ut aku tuh...

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

kesian eyh u.. SCIENCE, its suffering ;p