Saturday, July 14, 2007

body waves

went to titiwangsa just now. watching gymnastic which performed by the Danish gymnasts from Denmark. yaa, its for my pe class an some kind of my interest too =))
n ya i did enjoy the permomance. worth to see. for RM10 ticket!
they also shown acrobatic balances and some Danish Folk Dance!

danish gymnas 005

the opening

danish gymnas 008

they did well!

danish folk dance, its fun!

danish gymnas 003


danish gymnas 015

he's one of ma fav! ofcoz for his skills!


ayay she's a good jumper. lol


kick ass nite

well, i did gymnas back then when i was in foundation. n i did apply gymnas for this sem too but they took me into basketball team. yaa soo right place for me. the pe class and the basketball practice really taking away my evening! i even dont have a time to done my homework, since when i am home.. i just spent all the free time sleeping till the next day come.

i need my brain working fast, faster and speeding through, my body to move fast, and right. my money grow n grow!


eRma said...

best tgk harry p0tter kt imax??
next time kita tgk yg 3d nyer m0vie lak k~~

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

dgn begitu byk gangguan!
dan ke-EMO-an kau!
ha ha ha

btw, can u post sumthing related to the post? *sigh~

eRma said...

i'm weird,,,
i like p0stin sumthing weird....
huhuhu k2,, i kn0w i hv fun at dannish dance thingy,,, but im still frustrated b0ut rizal wif alia thingy~~~
y nut? y~~~~~~

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

then nak expect ape lagi?
i think they'r sweet together
believe me