Monday, July 23, 2007

just a lil thing

hurm. what's up? nothing really.

limited time

i had fever since last saturday. sore throat, flu, headache, d body heat, cough.. all in one package. great. i got mc till tomorrow (tuesday). n i did nothing for these 3 days. d medicine just helped me to sleep, sleep, and sleep. ay.. thinking to come back to class tomorrow but still not feelin well, moreover its just one period for en razak class, n 'll hv asembly at d hall after da, i better keep mum at home. sleeping again, i guess. lol. no wonder i hv tons uncomplete asgments, so stop complaining. ;p

last sem result, was announced this morning. n i wasnt there. but imnie did told me, mine. no improvement at all. the pointer exactly like my foundation course, 3.4 something. its really made me dissapointed wif my self. i need to work harder and smarter. cheh.

not goin out this week. last movie i watched was Harry Potter 5 at imax. wif erma and kil. unlike d others, i dont think it's a disappointment. tho bit diff from d book. but who cares, i like them all. i only hv d first to d fifth book. i never had a chance to read d half blood prince, so dont ask me whether i hv d new deathly hollows. i heard rumors d movie for half blood prince i'l b sceening in 2008? that pretty fast. duh, daniel is super hot hero! *grins*


eRmA baEk said...

nUt,,, thank g0d u r feeling a lil bit better,,
let me add wut else da pills gave ue~~
bigger butt!!

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

now its ur turn, erma
kita tgk who's butt s bigger
he he he he