Saturday, June 02, 2007


i went to jb yesterday. actually i'd been forced to. only me, wawa n ma parents. d main was to go to d international orchids show @ danga bay. mom n dad love 'kembang' soo much okay? they bought lots of 'em n us at the back suffered on d way home. i told them to get a ford ranger b4!! cheh~

it was friday, not many people around @ danga bay or maybe it's still early bout 1100 am. n i did enjoy d show 2. guess what, i did purchased 2 orchids n goin to place 'em at ma home cheras. he he he


okay, this just the entrance


i forgot what d name but they'r beautiful. lol


this one from japan, d only i like. ha ha


dis one not an orchid..
and that was me. tired


overjoyed me n wawa yg marah x dapat gajah terbang

we had our lunch at ucu's house @ nong chik. i smsed shery but she's still in kl and fuzz hving class at cosmo. okay, mayb next time buddies. i really2 badly want to meet fuzzz!! i misssed d moments we had blast together at kampung and y the hell u moved to jb!?! ha ha

went to hospital muar last monday, visited ma aunt. she got stroke and she looks terribly sad. i cant stand in d hospital watching 'em. i'l feel unusual. i hate hospital. i dun wanna be there! xpecial hospital kerajaan which thousand peeps in n out, making noise like pasar! so everytime i visited patients in hospital, i'm d first out of d ward. not being rude but i just cant stand it. so it'l end up me sitting at d bench outside. sure, wif someone acompany me! lol.


what? they'r inside!

aha, i'm waitin for adam. he's coming today! yay~~!


ermabesh~ said...

riena in kl?? kt umah kerk?? gr8!! nk balik kl gak!!!!
yeah~~~ k0 tnam orchid,, aku bela bunny!!!!
nk x? nk x? nk x?
btw which fuzz?? is it fuzzy wuzzy nget??? or ur other frenz??

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

bunny? u g0t bunny?????????????
yayyyyyyyyy~ i loooove bunny!
bwk 2 la.. aku nak kaler hitam bley? bley? hehe

riena kat kl but @ her aunt's house la. dare enough die nak duk umah solo??

of coz fuzz of mine, not dat NGET! fuzz@ jb mestilah fuzzywuzzy mine!
but i missssss fuzz nget too.. jom naik kl awal, g kaco nget???!

fafa's anatomy said...

besh eyh pameran orchid tuh? waaah ada beli orchid eh.beshnyee.bawak ar balek..bunny?! sy pon arituh nk bli bunny masa kt kk..but my dad x bagii..=( geraaam..alaa..busuk aaar rumah klu ada bunny..taik dia bushuk mcm taik erma..;p ehehe

cian aunty awak eyh nad...wah..x ske ospital..mcm naem laks...bleh ar korunk kawen..ehe...=D

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

x senonoh la fafa, selama ni u cium bau taik arnab ke? super selekeh okayyyy?

same je cam naem leh kawen eyh? kalu camtu ko lg layak la. kau ngan naem tu kan 2x5!!