Wednesday, June 13, 2007


i took this 'friends quiz'. they gave colors n i just fill in my gurls names. and this is the result, and it's SOOOO TRUE. d gUppies xspecially!

What You Really Think Of Your Friends

NONE is your soulmate.

You truly love Fuzz.

You consider Alia your true friend.

You know that Syima is always thinking of you.

You'll remember Erma for the rest of your life.

You secretly think Fafa is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.

You secretly think that Ryna is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.

You secretly think that Mun is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Mun changes lovers faster than underwear.

You secretly think Kilod is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Kilod has a hidden internet romance.

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