Monday, June 11, 2007

love or leave

cuti yang paling bosan. agaknya dah berapa kali guna ayat tu. geez, i expected so much fun dis holiday. mana tau at last duduk rumah je. 3 weeks i did nothing at home. paling jauh berjalan tu la, g danga bay. actually we got well planned to pulau sibu. aaaargh~ i really miss to swim n damn eager to snorkeling. then, mana tau ayah kene kerja plak. jaga PTK? x payah.. diorang amik PTK pun separuh je lulus. harap-harap tahun aku nanti PTK bagi lulus 100%. ha ha
[PTK = penilaian tahap kecekapan yg m'bolehkan cikgu2 naik gaji & pangkat]

went to bp mall [again??] with wawa [who else??] tadi. planned to did bowling but it's over 0200 pm. mean d price automatically higher. geez, bowling @ bp mall mmg best coz they hv many empty lanes due to peeps at bp go play at summit parade. y? bowl at bp mall mmg kejam. RM4.80 per game mmg damn mahal. dah biasa sgt main RM10/5 games kat kl. so i think, i rugi damn much. lol. i only played 2 games last i played there. yah, they got nice lanes n staffs, but no promotions at all. early birds pun x dapat catch d worms. *sigh

i had lunch at kenny rogers there last week, guess we r d only customers dat day. seriously. itupon they gave us sux service. they got BIG gap compares to kl's branchs. so i decided to have our lunch today at the foodcourt. coz i missed sizzling much. but cheh~ it tasted bad. i swear wont eat at these sick place again.


d iced peach tea calm me down

aha, i got my mary janes today =))
i did went there on purposed. mmg nak beli crocs, since molly is d promoter. lol. molly was one of the staffs @ erican, back then. but now she's at UMS. she gave me very little discount. lol. nvmind, i dunt want to ruin ur business. ;p


hey, awesome jibbitz!

special to erma, sorry gal, i got d 4 leaves clover for my jibbitz. ha ha ha. exchange? no. lol.


kiireei.. theres sunflake too ;)

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