Friday, March 02, 2007


salam all
woa~ hepi giler. that's good. after bad, worste, sux day happened lately. sejak 2-3 hari ni mmg kuat sgt keinginan to bowl. so ptg after class td, ajak la guppies g, memula me n kil je yg nak g, then pujuk fafa, she agreed. then ryna pun nak join, n erma yg x de choice sbb TAKUT nak stay umah pun kene join. ha ha ha. syim, its great if u r here too.. :)

LUCKY day! LUCKY asses! while we were on d way to timesquare, guys in mine n their coursemate msged us dat.. ALLOWANCE dah kuar! woa~~ dats early dude! they only got 345 like always n mine ofcoz more than 1k for d previous 3 months! ha ha. n they r like "nut, u shud treat us!" .. shit u guppies... >,< n ya, i paid for d 1st game bowling. wif d shoes of coz. he he. n erma, got her box of purse n belt from TOUGH. damn u girl. dun u knw how to save? LOL i'm jealous.


us, hving ice cream on d way to TS, happy faces


us, at superbowl. dah lama x catch pic camni

just played 2 games. its kinda tiring coz we only got 1 lane for 5 peoples! then wondering around ts n hv our meals at kenny rogers. planned to hv movies, but nothing up nice. since i'd downloaded all d movies from net. lol. i'm waiting for mukhsin screening dis 8th. yes mukhsin!


us again, on d way home. acted like insane peeps on d road

about 8, we leaved timesquare, walking to Hang Tuah STAR station. when we r walking out ts, theres some CNY perfomance, wheres one guy singing at d stage. its kinda old chinese song. n when he finished his song, we r like "woaa~ yeah ! yeah ! [clapping n screaming loudly]!!" .... n all d crowds dat most of them r chinese turned their back at us!! n then barulah diorg start clapping.. !! what a shamed!! LOL... we dunno n dun understand even a singel word from d song but acted like we do! n its turn us laughing out loud on d way to d STAR. its just a great nite! ha ha

n for my guppies. bertaubatlah. final exam bukan macam main bowling. boleh gelak bila masuk longkang.. ish.. [takut?? takutkan??!!] *evil laugh*


fafa said...

haha...nud si guppy...urghh..she's the one forcing me to bowl wif her..after several consideration..agree la jugak..kesian tgk muka 1 sen ko tuh..wahah..then ngah on da way//org plak bgtau...elaun dah masook..ape lagiikk...besh bangang arr..nad lak lanje satu game..huhu...mase blom ade elaun..rancang ape nad..? beli roti takat 3 hinggit je...dah ade elaun..kfc..? mcd..? ape barang...kenny rogers ar..hahaha..but it was a great night!! the clapping part mmg gempaQ...abes2 cine tu nyanyi..leh sorak gile(mcm klu mawi abes nyanyi)..waaaa...huuu..tepok skuat jiwa...padahal x paham sepatah haram..hahah.. gile dok ushaa...dah tuu....buat gaya zaibo..hakhak.. neway..thanx for the great moments..spent ur allowence wisely spt mbelanja fafa..haha..take care..mmuaaxx

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

@ fafa: ha ha ha.. i hate u faa~! eyh i hv ma hair colored! damn nice color! better than b4! r u done wif ur hair? yes yes yes. mine is superb for sure!

p/s: aler.. kau tu x ikhlas pergi sbb suh aku bayar blk dgn teman kau g uia kan? ceh.. but u did enjoy d moments rite?? :))

erma said...

huhuhuhu U ENVY ME????? huhuhu dats da 1st time in my life sum1 actualy envy wif mee huhu dats h0t,,,huhuhuhu yup2 knapaksa men b0wling,, but ats aura b0wlin guru ,,, i'm finally cl0sed my game wif a strike,,, n0t bad 4 da firstimer aite?? huhuhu btw thanx 4 da game,,, n igt laa aku yg kini jatuh miskin,, suma slh akak kedai t0ugh yg paksa aku beli salad tuh...

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

@ erma : 1st timer? liar!! u did bowlin past 2 years riteeee?? ha ha

wat? akak tu paksa beli ke? tipu tipu tipu. aku sumpah SALAD ko jadi salad!