Wednesday, March 21, 2007

how shud i define life

duh, i forgot my last post..

i got here, imnie's place last sunday evening. i hv a week for PBS (Pengalaman Berasaskan Sekolah) to complete here, at Sekolah Pendidikan Khas Melaka [Deaf]. i planned to get here at saturday but my new laptop got problem n dad sent to fix it at sunday morning. yes, dad bought me a laptop! yatta! now i hv my fav pc, n travel laptop! lucky me~~ luv u dad~~

. . . . .

observing at deaf school really challenging.. i'm not fully understand d sign language. its HARD to communicate. but they r just nice. they helped us alot. its just like - ducks talk to d chickens. lol

n till dis day, TODAY came.. like usual, i went out at 0700am walked to d car n.. wat d heck!! d MIRROR at d DRIVER SIDE BROKE! SOMEONE BROKE IN MY CAR!! damn it! dat moron broke d radio side too.. BAKA BAKA BAKA!!! mmg menyusahkan orang!! i bought new adidas sport shoes last nite. i left it in d car but d moron didnt touch it pon! BAKA MORON! dah kena g balai polis, wat report n so on.. went to bp batu berendam n they asked us to bp melaka tengah. done d report there. n i arrived school at 1140 am! nasib baik guru besar sporting! huh~ tiring day. n rite now, imnie's dad is searching for my new glass.. duh.. its all about money...


see? pissed me off!

dis cc kinda suck. i cant upload d pics rite now. so i'll update later.. jya!!! [WARGH~~~!!]

edited 28/03


erma said...

uits c0mment aku aritu x lekat.... p0orthing,,, sian k0, erkh nutz,, but lapt0p k0 kn dah ok,, n u r c0min back t0mor0w aite?? demi k0 aku balik lambat taw,,, so0o0 huhuhu fhmlaaa huhuhu k gtg bubbye

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

a'a la .. my comment pun hr tu x lekat. sumthing wrong sumwhere..

rite erma, thanx tunggu aku balik. tp ko balik cepat sgt :[[
fafa buli aku kat umah~~ :((
now nih die xde.. umah dah sunyiiii~~
waaaa rindu korg~~~ :((