Wednesday, March 14, 2007

when i hate holiday

back. i supposed to post this back few days. ya. i'm back. last friday evening. its a long long journey, rite im? haha

it took about 4 hours or more from kl to johore. dat i usually take only 2 n a half. jammed at cheras itself. we had lunch (at about 0400pm) at A&W Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh. bla bla bla.. i dropped im at tol Ayer Keroh n wait till her dad fetched her at 0610. its kindaaaa tiring waiting u, uncle! >,<


im, jadi gila tunggu ayahnyer

i speeding my car rite after i dropped im. i dun wanna drive in dark. i kinda scare driving alone in dark. lol. i met a roadblock near pagoh, luckly they let me go. n i arrived yong peng at 0700pm. so, it only took 50mins from melaka to yong peng. great. mum 'll killed me if she knw dis. lol.

. . . . .

i watched mukhsin. twice. latest, i went with yan, lil sis n ain, our cousin last sunday at gsc summit parade, bp. mukhsin is a fine, nice, funny n sentimental film. i just like it. guess i'll wait for d original DVD of mukhsin, to be my must watch collection. but i kinda dissapointed coz we dun hv chance to watch it together, rite guppies? naah.. time is jealousing us.

n i bumped wif nabila j on road! she's driving 4wd suzuki front me, n i like "apa driver depan ni lambat st, patut pasang P!" .. LOL. its u! i noticed when she n her lil sis waved at us. who d hell in bp waving at me except nabila? then she tried to hv formula 1 race with me. r u insane? come on giv me chance.. ;D
btw, i really like ur short hair. :))

. . . . .

its mom b'day. i planned to buy cakes at bp this morning, but mom forced me to acc her to ayer hitam. when i got home, its raining in the evening. then when dad back home, she asked me if i knw today is mom bday. of coz i knw! then dont u buy a cakes? he asked me again. i called andak (my uncle live back door) who coincidently in bp, watching mukhsin wif his famly. i asked him to buy any cakes at season. i just hate yong peng's cakes coz it taste worste!

then at nite, i went out wif dad to kfc, bought a bucket home.. well wat do u xpecting from yong peng? kfc is just nice. LOL. andak arrived bout 15 mins later. mom herself cooked nasi lemak kukus. so, we hv nasi lemak kukus wif sambal, ayam goreng kfc and a blackforest cakes. haha.


so which do u like it more? d foods or mukhsin? ;D


mom's blackforest and k750i dad bought for her!

yes. dad bought k750i for mom! for real? he always want himself hving good gadjet more than others. he hides d phone when he got home. n he just gave it to mum dis nite. n mom, like always.. she hates learnin new gadget! LOL

my lil sis kinda pissed off coz dad promised her a new phone if she did well in SPM result. yes she did. she got 7As. but dad bought for mom 1st. haha.

yes. Happy B'day Mom, n the others in march.. like Salwa dat i always remember every year. Imah, and some other guys out there. n for my guppieeeeeesss, i misssed u guys damn much!


guppies, dont u missing me too?


erma said...

obvi0usly missin u a l0t,,, kinda stuck up wif wh0le exam thingy,, yeah nut,, when u r n0t around,, we d0 study... huhuhuhuhu we went t0 psar mlm td,, huhuhu t0tally da sub culture huhuhuhu btw,,, 0n wenq bday acouple days ag0,, again,, its all bout da fl0ur,, huhuhuhu abeh wenq kna kt level one,, pity da mck cleaner huhuhuhu btw juz hv fun wif ur h0ls forst bc0z we g0in t0 hv our in 2 weeks time 4 3 months! yeah!! again,, i'm g0in to be bigger!! huhu catch u later!

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

haaa~~ main tepung x ajak aku! aku pun teringin gak nak baling kat wenq tuo tuh. huhu.

hang cuti 3 bulan? harapan aku x benarkan! duk je kat cheras tuh temankan aku!

b.La-J said...

hahhh..kuang ajola tu. dah jumpe aku tu diam2 jekla.hahaha. doink! aku dkt corner je slow.aku takut doh vitara aku terbalik.hahah.aku dkt kl dah.dah x drive dah.kau jgn la risau2 kan aku lagi ek?:p hahahah

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said... ko x drive eyh kat KL?
alhamdulillah... (^^;)