Saturday, November 18, 2006

home sweet home

yesh, i'm home! till nextyear! dunno what i'm goin to do for dis 2 months. there's nothing here. nothing. nothing much to njoying life.maybe just spending more to bowls n movies. shopping? here isnt a good place 2 shop. i reached home at 1230 pm. just took 2 1/2 hours from kl. its tiring! i'm driving while kilod n syera just a silent passengers ;p, fafa n sheryn went by bus since her[fafa] mom not allowed her to go wif me... T,T , i'm not a bad driver auntie, i drove ur daughter everyday to class ;p nevermind, she just worried.. well,i didnt stop to any r&r because i just cant wait to b at home ;p ! um, i did stop at pagoh to full ma junior's tank. plus, i need to fetch fafa n sheryn at bp. wat a day, its sooo hot in ma journey home but raining heavily in the evening, dat make them wait me so long at bp. sorry guys~! fafa seems very excited since she hv never been in johore b4, poor labuan girl ;p~ he he plus he nvr been on a bus too! haha patutla excited giler!


home sweet home

they reached home at 430 lebey kurang. fafa cant stop asking to take a ride on motorcycle. gila tau minah ni. mmg rusa masuk kampung betul. so we went rempit around d kampung.. suka giler dak fafa nih.. i shud report dis to ur mom, huhu.. then makan mee bandung made by ma dad. superb! he's damn good cook! they planned 2 hv chit chat, pillow talk or smthing like dat to plan our next tour in johore dis nite, but when i stepped to their room, they'r all already pengsan! lol~ tired maybe, so i just turned off d lite, wished them nite n cont dreaming front of d pc ;p

going to jb tomorrow till wednesday~ jyaaa~~
[damn dont u guys knw hw to drive?] ;p


Anonymous said...

budget best laa kutuk aku kt blog aku,,,, klau dh jeles tuh,,, ckp jer laaa,,, aku nie mmg devoted student p0nt tu laa d0k kt dlm bilik tuh.... or ank mmg rindu kat aku,,,, huhuhuhuuhu yer laa nnt aku berusaha men badmint0n dgn hipo aku tuh... huhuhuhu kt kn more than fren huhuhuh

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

hua3.. aku jeles kat ank? eat ya foot la!! ;D