Sunday, November 02, 2008


yep. got chance to watch the show; Huminodun, The Nabahu Princess at ASWARA (former knw as ASK) last friday, well afterall it was a good perfomance. especially d dances, enjoyed it more than the story. lol. it was bit slow n i was damn tired, i yawned every 5 minutes in the beginning of the show. well nasib baik duduk seat depan.. kalau x, mesti dah tido.. sigh.

ah congrats to all of d casts. nice moves :)
ow ya, i knw sharip zainal; been watching him in many shows before.

du du du
yaaaay~ Outonjobi Omedatto !!
to my BIG sis, lol ~ W A W A magic. hv a wonderful 19th bday~

wif her stupid orly hat

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