Friday, November 21, 2008

feeling the same? N O T.

bm : FEIST - I Feel It All

1. i'v been home (yong peng) for a week. i hv 5 weeks more for d holidays.

2. i'v no internet connection here. streamyx is doing sux. we hv enough complaining but none feedback yet from 'em. u guys sux. damn sux.

3. planning back to kl but mom says a big NO. nuffsaid.

4. i'm a homekeeper n driver. mom n dad goin to china for a week comung disember. sis taking driving class. so u knw what left for me.

5. i heck hate home for some reasons. yes ryna, lets struggle together.

6. i blog this at oldtown white coffee bp mall. lame.

7. i missed kl

8. i damn need job coz i'm broke. i envy u guyssss (those who still in kl n make money!)

9. damn i missed d peeps in class.

10. i missed him.


eRmAbuTAng said...

10. i missed him.

my lil bird hv fly out the nest n getting reday to harvest :))

jom balik kl awal
gap ada sale b4 xmas
i got money to spend :P

Anonymous said...

i pity u.. dis skul oliday are really sux. we are just same.

i really wanna go back k.l but i have to wait until my driving clazz done!

i cannot stand animoe..