Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hujan showcase

yes.i did went to hujan showcase at planet hollywood last weekend. yes. i'm not their no 1 fans but ya i did enjoyed their music. im gave me d whole album to listen, she definetely d no 1 n freaking damn hujan fans. or NOH hujan exactly.

actually i refused to go at 1st. so, no ticket for me. but then kil badly need to back home so i got d ticket from her. long story short, the showcase was unexpectedly very GOOD. omg i enjoyed the show! seriously ther'r really something. well. front seat babe~

coco, d opening band

see. noh main 3 guitars yg se-mart!

go jaja~ d new bassist


yes. i admit it, im
noh is kinda CUTE

but of course i adore AG more!
give me ur GODIN!

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