Sunday, September 21, 2008

road road

(i'm thinking to set my blog to private. but lets see. BFH r u here again? lol)

forget that
i enjoyed my day today.

meeting wif fafa's famly was canceled
then i joined erma to klcc wif eddy, ryna n celus
i planned to hv d heels from hush pups since jj maluri is out of size
but again d same thing happened.
lol. i'm really used to this.
clarks n hushpups.
both r my fav damn hard to find perfect size.

break fast.
having beef lasagne n choc slush from cafe milano.
it was a blast.
full giler.

pics when we were damn tired n hungry;

then continued shopping.
i just bought one pants n shirt.
and a *something* for him.
hope he'l like it.

back home around 10.
took some rest.
and out wif him for drinks for an hour.

great day n night.
thanx guys.


eRmAbuTAng said...

u g0t BFH but didnt tell me bout dat?? OMG diz is when my amazing trash talkin skills come in handy!!!!
oor is it juz an0ther crappy cupcakes pers0n? [hey y dont we label thm crappy cupcakes pers0n? but BFh is so0o kewl!]

gud luck wif u hush pups hahhahaha
g0sh next week dh nk raya!! yeay!!

nuT said...

BFH amat cool
thanx to celus.
ha ha

enough wif d hushpups
lame ah