Monday, June 09, 2008

y must the hell i care bout title

normally i get back to sleep after subuh prayer.
but not this morning.
shit last nite coming back in my head.
i even cried like hell under d blanket.
i try to be good and then fuck happens.
they r not fully appreciated me.
for what i've done.
its not enough?
hell look at the others.
i dare to say i'm better.
much better.
yeah keep disappoint me.
thats great.
i always d black sheep.

hell u dont like my writing?
fuck off go away!

go report it to others.
that i'm sux.
i'm not thankful.
i'm hell.

spread d news.


eRmAbuTAng said...

k0 ok x?
juz beep me if u need t0 talk bout it...

tika zack said...

uii~ ko nape nutz? hoho