Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sibu Island is heaven on earth!

i really wanna go back there for few more days. beautiful beaches, cool n xclusive place and great activities. sibu island is bout 20 minutes from tanjung leman's jetty (wif speed boat). most people mistakenly believe that i was talkin bout sibu sarawak. its sibu island in mersing, johore i'm talkin here! n i stayed at Sea Gypsy Village resort. so here some pictures! click to enlarge, peeps!

sony SIBU 061
we were @ sea gypsy!

sony SIBU 009sony SIBU 013
on boat

sony SIBU 015sony SIBU 034
beautiful beach with superwoman

sony SIBU 025sony SIBU 027
nice peaceful sky

olympus SIBU 027sony SIBU 048

sony SIBU 088
olympus SIBU 067olympus SIBU 097
sony SIBU 090sony SIBU 085
olympus SIBU 087olympus SIBU 081
snorkeling at pulau kukus

damn it was great. colorful fishes cross my eyes, group f clown fish play beside me, tons sea cucumber euwwww geli gila. d corals n seaweeds r beautiful. theyr just bout half metre below me. need to swim carefuly to keep them alive, uncle sam reminds me to not step on them. of coz! even with fins in my feet, i'm afraid they'l eat mine! and really, while i was swimming, something bites my face!

sony SIBU 070sony SIBU 062
sony SIBU 050olympus SIBU 061
jenga & chess wif cuzzies

olympus SIBU 019

olympus SIBU 045sony SIBU 016
Sea Gypsy Village

olympus SIBU 010
henry, d resort owner. lol

my uncle, Sam is d manager there. very fortunate there werent any other customers there for those days, just us. so he spent all his day work wif us wif his kids, sasha n pika. those kids swim better than mom. well i'm prety good okay~ too bad we missed dive there. we woke late! haha. and yeah d staffs r cool too. thanx guys. hope to be there again some other time!

interested? here link : Sea Gypsy Village Resort [Sibu Island]

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