Sunday, March 23, 2008

which one

a yummy MacBook, a new gorgeous HP Pavilion notebook, or a travel to China?

sigh. i need one option only.

. . . . .

ok back to work.


my name is KARL said...

book a flight ticket to mecca huh!
y i cant view erma's blog????
plz ask her... y n y n y

s.a.i.f.u.l said...

china sucks (i'm tibet activist)
go for hp pavilion!

eRmAbuTAng said...

we r t0tally dalai lama peeps huhuhu
hey,, he is like da 2nd m0ther theresa aite??
buy hp dear
leave da mac air 4 m0ise :P

lil`Shijuku @ nut said...

no way. definetely a mac.
yea erma u can get d new in d air.
but still cant compared to d new macbook. check d specs, girl..

@karl - i'm not ready for that. ha ha ha. erma is hiding her bad mouth!

@saiful - hey, i go for d olympics!