Monday, March 10, 2008

d holidays n d general election

the 2008 election was really something. where d oppo start conquering d msian hearts. interesting. lets see what would happen next. someone says, "we should thanx to d bloggers" . lol. very interesting.

and little adam syahmi was here. not for voting, he just missed his kind-hearted aunt. rite? lol watever. he's 10 months old now ;))
k showing off my fav nep; [oh well, my only neph~]

adam smile
;D mode

adam paper
:| mode

adam garang
monster mode

adam karipap
kepoh mode

adam grinned
NOTTY mode!

adam p
:3 mode! cute~

adam mad
D; mode

adam sad
:(( mode kene marah

adam em
adam syahmi wif his granny

he left this morning. d house is in silent again. d rain just couldnt stop from this evening. i'm wearing socks and longpants and home still. finished a family daughter by maile meloy in a day. wow, a record~

kewl for d guppies u peeps really njoying ur day rite? saloon together, karaoke-ing, lunch, dinner? what next? duh, i tried to not get jealous easily coz soon.. yeah very soon, i'm going to lost d life living wif u gals together kan? crap. njoy ur day~

did i say something emo?


fafa P0ker..haha said...

~~ NAAAADD!! adam comeL Gilaaaaaaaa!! ya aalllaah..mcm nk geget2 je..siap ader byk mode eh..ehhe..besh la hang leh BMESRA bsama kuarga... while kitraaaaang..berpesta kt sni..eehehe..tu laaaa.aritu ajak g salon x naak..aku nye rmbut dh pnjg mcm akar kayu dh ni.hhehe..okaay.cant wait to see ya! be home soon! janJi taw late nite movieeess...=p

eRmAbuTAng said...

well went u left da em0 house
the spirit will still b wif ue:P
hey remember i owe u one m0vie k~