Tuesday, January 15, 2008

tuesday nite

back !!!
penat giler. smalam sampai je terus basuh baju and tidoooooooo..
kelas tadi macam x blaja pape. geng2 g jb suma pon sama layan tido dalam kelas
malam nih kene tibai catch up homeworks n notesss!! seeeeeyhaaal~ *down*

nite before i went to jb.


it was my b'day !! 21?? who cares!


d konon surprise cake.
again they'r really magicians!


u knw how much i appreciate u guys
thanx. but no more choir pleasee!!

yeah. i was sleeping on my bday nite. i read anatomy's notes and i gave up to do the homework n sleep. then they walked in my room singing wif d cakes n wif d candles on. and i was... mamai! wtf y d room so dark? i instead asked them to go out coz i want to sleep. lol. thousand apologies to those who call > my phone. i put it in silent mode everytime i sleep. sorry !!

but THANX people for d wishes
i was away for some events. thanx so much :))

next post :

okay, wtheck was dis gurl doing?? find out later
i'm busyyyyyy !!!


thedazzlingugly said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NUTZZ!! sorry lambat wish!!!! anyway aku nak tgk sambungan post ni!! sambung cpt2 yeaaa!!

eRmAbuTAng said...

suprise celebrati0n yg di"ranchang "ketika dlm t0ilet
pnat d0wh nk sembuyik2,, s0rry laa diz year nyanyi kt umah jer,,,
last year ada abg pizza tlg nyanyikn sm2 muahahahhahaha