Saturday, November 17, 2007

just a post ~~

yep. done my papers. HOLIDAYS IS ON till next year (3/01). so.. planned so much place to travel but till now, i'm home (still at cheras) do nothing. going movies everyday... makan2... online... duh, gila bosan.

aha. untuk kali ke 3. cermin keta, depan pulak.. RETAK. i was driving to puchong then suddenly something hit my front glass n its start to crack. glad its double layered. but it going costs me around rm550. dammit. yaaa i knw dad goin to replace it but then my dream for a brand new HP laptop is gone. duh...


luckly till now, d crack is stand still. haha. i even drive d car anywhere without doubt. hehe. aha BEE MOVIE is super cute, n kinda... stupid. ehehe. watched at timesquare, late nite mov wif d guppies. weird that nite its like.. just us.. hving fun there. okay maybe ktorg yg lambat tgk kot?? besh~!



* * *

guess what i bought last week? ehem~....



ha ha i really wanted it for so looong. and zul was forcing me to get one so he can teach me. cheh. he did. once. then i praticing it myself through net! n then, i ruined d tuning and dont knw how to fix it back! haih~

and, erma is trying to add some 'burden' ...


a CAGE???
u'l knw what is it till next post

and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i'm doing something.. that.. i shouldnt.. but holidays just make me MAD.. what 've i done????


highlighting my hair
i'm sooo out of my mind
inspired by SAWADA SHIN
ha ha ha

ok thats enough.. too much information.. going to see adam syami tomorrow! yay! adam!




nabila j said...

highlight rambut tuuuu
bravo bravo.
tindakan berani
but aku x nak highlight warna tu kot..ehehe. weh weh. jgn buat aku jeles la. rambut aku mmbosankan skrang ni. nak buat rambut mahalla. nak trim pon mahal. haihh. ok la. next year aku buat rambut dkt zigzag bustand bp. faveret aku tu! hehe.

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

zigzag? bustand bp? haha sumpah aku x tau bustand bp ade saloon. ko buat ekor cam dulu la.. nice seyh~~~~ dolu wat hglight sendiri x jadi maa.. hehe.