Wednesday, November 28, 2007

dem giler

i'm at puchong. i left my mmc reader and phone cabel at home cheras. sheet giler. no. i'm not going to waste my credits just to mms d pics to mail. argggh!! dem thing is i'm goin to back home yong peng this friday. so d only way is going back to cheras and get d dem thing back. sheet gile..

and u knw what make it worst?

i had this JENSEN about 5 days.. another bunny to acc NINIE at home. he's grey.
and ..
i found him DEAD night i back from d last day exhibition at KL Sentral. good. thats why i never thot i deserved a pet. my RM40 just flew away. condolence to me and JENSEN himself. *sigh*

so. lets pray for NINIE.


erma said...

big condolence
still rmber his white stripe
so0o cute
but passive
mayb bc0z he is dying

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...


dem giler kan?
aku nak bunuh apek tu..

ur ninie.. doing good here
shall we get a new one?

nabila j said...


JENSEN mmg patut mati pon.


*kau paham maksud aku kan.haha*

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

siot ko bila...
JENSEN aku special kay !!

fafa said...

condolences la eyh nad..
seyDeyh la..x smpt jmpa dia..JENSEN..wpun nama dia pelIk tp dia comeY.huhu..cian ko..mmg ko letak racun kot..dah tu k0 pura2 tkejut..=p

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

nama dia mmg special kan?
ha ha ha [dengki kat bila]

manade aku letak racun
aku bg die makan dedak je
dedak taun lepas..