Wednesday, May 02, 2007

welcome to the world, adam



ha ha. my 1st nephew, adam syahmi borned at 11am April 30! he's 3.45kg! big boy! welcome to the world, adam! *smile*smile*smile happily*

abg long was over excited sending us tons of mms, just after he was borned. and we at d kampung too feel d excitement! LOL. so i'm goin` back kl early 1 day to meet d lucky baby at puchong. here, some wonderful snap to share :


adam syahmi yg masih 'fresh'..
hey hey everbody's happy :))


what are u doin` baby?
still in d kpmc, medical centre


giler chubby!! d cambodian + javanese boy!


us, ondway to puchong.
insane peoples on road~

penat dah godek adam, i'm goin back to cheras. tadi about 330pm sampai. then mun joined me here at *mas, and we planned to srimas for something to pick up. and when i'm goin out d door with mun, i locked d main door from inside [push d lock for typical bedroom door]... and i closed it before mun unlocked d gate. then i asked her, "bukalah gate, kunci mana?"....... and she like, "i dun hv d key with me!" ....... OMG we stuck between d gate n d main door!


dis how we look like.
trapped at ur own house.

and i called alia [she's at srimas], fortunately i gave her d duplicate d day before i off to yong peng! if not, we r staying there till one of d guppies dat around m'sia in miracle come to save us! what a day! :rofl:


fafa said...

waaahh..congrats..congratssss... for havin ur first nephew..huhuuu...cumilll.....dah tuo dah nad..aunty nad..ahaha..laaaaa...pehal leh tkunci between gate n door??? lawaaaakk bangat..ahahahahahaha..padann mukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....klu aku alia..aku saje je buat2 lmbt.biar korg bepeluh..ahahahaha..lawaak..lawaaakk..kang ar aku masukkan dlm survey..ahahahaa

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

alia bkn cam ko
busuk ati pendengki sakit jiwa punya manusia!

at least aku da merasaaaaaaaaa. kakakaka

ermabaek said...

hahahhahahhahaha gr8,, trapped~~~~~~~ pehal k0 bg alia kunci,, bi0r laa k0rg trapped until one of us arrived,, hurmm aku rs fafa k0t muhahahahah... lambt sket,, 2 hari kaaa,, hahahhahah,,

btw ur nephew is so0o0o0 adorable,, again,, welc0me t0 bbsitter club,,, hahahah aku n syi wish,, java+c0mbodia~ nice... or is it vietnamese?? well vietnam n thail is a neighbour,, so0o0 ada siamese sket hahahhahahah aku laa tuh~~ patut cute ala-ala aku~