Monday, May 14, 2007

okay, i hate taking bus home

helo people
one week left for d final xm. and i am much unready.
yes, it shud be study weeks rite now. but we still hving classes and havent done all d subtopics yet. bpg really doin sux for our syllabus. yet we still their experiment products. duh..

i'd done my titas and english paper last week. guess it was okay. and classes still on like always. and ms wang started an evening class! that is very damn not a good time for us to face d LCD and books! i love her commitment, she's really good in doin` her duty but she just over hardworking. okay miss, take ur time y dun u go for a holiday?!

it was J card day, but she just made us a bad day


okay, that was really clear xplanation

we celebrated babies in april, may and june birthdays last thursday. d cakes and food again sponsored by our tutor, mama yuz~ thanx so much!

i'm not included, but yeah there was me. ha ha
happy belated n coming bday guys~!

mom forced me to get back yong peng in friday. it was because of my road tax nearly expired. duh, me myself x noticed pun! careless nyee! and yeah I HATE TAKING BUS HOME! kkkl sold out and hasry bus really damn sux. it was sooo lembab gila b****! i nearly kicked off d bus driver. duuuuuuuuuuuh~! i'll never use their service again!
*pissed off*

this one is the must.
adam syahmi is gettin cuter!

he looks like a girl!
and 'sepet'!

Adam Syahmi

he loves camera much!

yeah, his mom n dad keep busy sending mms of his pic. budak bertuah!


sHahruL erma said...

nk kawen laa camni
baby cute~~~~~~~

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

kawen senang
nak beranak tuh..
hu hu takut seyh.. ;p