Wednesday, October 04, 2006

bowlin, op, and ..

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i went to bowlin` last 2 days wif ma crazy housemates, fafa-kil-syim. d innate human evil, erma wasnt in coz she'd headache.. haha n rina went to sngei wang, took her w550i for repaired. played 2 games its very tiring dunno mayb coz i'm fasting.. very dissapointed with my points! fafa won d games coz she's not fasting haha! too bad d ball 8 given by kak reeny doesnt suit me at all.. reached home at 5, searching foods at tmn ten and i forgot to do.. i meant .. i'm not doing ma oral presentation[op] text n slide.. chat till 2am, n i just done 20% from it! know wat happened d next day? it's ma turn! i rushed home from college, done ma slides n text about an hour, n came back to college to present my op.. phew, lucky its going well since i'm used wif d topic..

op finished at 4, i took d modem dat ma mum post a week ago at d office. it supposed here a week ago.. i dunno what an idiot d post express hv done its very late... and d same evening ma house got d internet connection! he he he.. oops come on guys, its ma turn ^^

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