Monday, September 11, 2006

losing phone

ya i'm losing ma phone. stupid thing. last saturday i'm on duty 4 d inovasi & kualiti exhibition at mid valley. not bad. ramai org. plus ada indian festiv exhb jugak. very nice n crowded. after tutup booth, kitorg pun blah la dgn lecturer about 9 pm. i think i lost it when i'm in que nak beli tiket balik ktm. bak kata am, pasrah. sampai umah je i called ma mama using rina's phone. wut did she said? just OK, b careful next time. heh? d same answer i got from ma bro. OK. they r soooo MEAN!

so guys, please do contact me at d same number. i'd replace ma sim dis evening at klcc maxis center. wow kene rm25 for 128k sim's. and thanx to fafa. she lend me her 2nd phone till i get a new. maybe in a week or two. duh..

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b.La-J said...

ktm.. lrt.. star.. semua line2 hot pick pocket. better extra careful ay girl. ikat jek dkt leher kau tuh len kali. kesiann.. but dah dpt new phone dah.. ishk2. aku pon nak ilang hp la mcmnie!!!