Friday, December 09, 2005


hi peoples, how ya doing? i'm doing good this week.. i guess ;p
i went for an art exhibition and competition last sunday dec 4,
organised by Art Studio, where i learnt art every sat n wed..
the expo held at chinese school and yeah majority there were chinese and the expo also carried out in mandarin.. so i just enjoying took some pics and wondering beside looked after my lil sis dat joined the competition, i'm not joining coz just under 18 allowed, my sis won consolation prize, but we left earlier coz we dun understand the language, what the pengacara at the stage talking bout.. it was so boring.. a bit dissapoined y it should be in mandarin since there's indian n malay there.. for the 1st time been ignored~

i stole dat balloons from da clown ;p

i'll be flying to padang this weekend, about 4-5 days there, wish me safe peeps..
so i wont online, just sms me if u missed me ;)
owh man.. my assignments still not done yet.. and it's english, hate it coz my english is very poor T_T

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