Saturday, December 03, 2005

bored + asgmen = zZzzz

hi minna..
i'm doin nothing at home, just attend my art class twice a week.. 1 month left 4 holiday but i still not done my asgmen yet.. the essay is boring and the art homework is triple boring.. i'd stop downloaded anime coz everything turned boring to me, i want to start the next sem earlier but i havent done my asgmen.. T_T
poor me, very pathetic and yet insane..
blah, maybe i'm gonna fly to indonesia dis december.. and i think the trip 'll be boring too.. unless there're SO7 band waitin 4 me there.. xp

another "door" version

Happy Bestday to my cousin + rival = Ieyna [10/12] u r turning 19 rite? hehe just 1 month older than me la.. xp

k jya minna, i'm goin to shut down my pc coz i left it ON for a week n i think it gonna explode in a few seconds... oops..

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