Saturday, March 28, 2009

shut up

having kind of painful headache rite now.
so please shut up u guys out there.
ni yang aku benci pasal duduk flat.


so. u want to knw bout my first week praktikum?
i've been in school before for my PBS(s).
2 deaf school. 2 normal school.
and of coz i love the deaf school more.

so here.
i'm thankful they sent me here.
its one of the best deaf school in msia.
very friendly and helpful teachers.
and. omy. bright students.
and i found many of em here can speak quite well. (not many like 'that many')
so i'm sure it'l b helpful for the speech assignment.

i havent teaching yet. starting next monday.
yes. my first PnP 'l b in this monday and Ms Wang is coming too this monday.
lol. i hope the kids just gonna b okay.
its about me than gonna b okay.

but. its still a tiring weak. i learnt kod tangan much from the kids. busy painting the banner for maulidurasul. the long way journey to school. it took bout 40 minutes to reach shah alam. plus me and kak mun is not a MORNING person. lol. and sometimes we stuck in traffic jammed in the evening. lol. what a painful way home.
(except the fact that we love shah alam for the malls and restaurants)

pictures? i have loads.
since i'm in lazy mood. maybe next time. havent transfer em yet.
i have 3 weeks ahead, so dont bother bout it.

rite now. i'm thinking how and where to rocking my weekend and forget all the lesson plans and school. L O L.
wait. more to S I G H i guess.

H A I H.


crescent said...

br setart pnp..
and miss wang da datang..
gud luck!!

aku punye laks macam shialll..
tahun 5 haktuihh susah..
lots of petikan, karangan, surat kiriman, dialog, laporan??
wtf apakah itu?
apa isyarat ntok sume tu?
abm ape daa aku nak masok pon aku tak pasti..

hahaha hamek ko..sume bahse aku masok dlm komen ni menandakan ketidak-puas-hati-an aku..haha

best of luck nut!

nuT said...

aku amik sivik for year 5.
bm for year 4.

tadi dah kena observe. pre observation la. so far okay.
but biasala mistake sana sini.
rookie la katekan. lol

sign banyak student yg helpful.
bahagia nya aku kat skolah nih.
rassa nak prak lg kat sini.

crescent said...

aku both bm pj thn 5
seb bek minggu ni david x jadik datang sbb minggu sukan..
slamat sket..

kat sini, budak pon ajar aku sign salah..haha
last2 aku berguru ngan cikgu komunikasi seluruh..the end