Monday, January 12, 2009

hepppppp again?

everybody went to youth 09 and i was lepaking at bro's crib where mom and dad were here wif sis and lil cuzzies from kampung. friends here and there asking me to go wif em and it making me sick. and plus, i'm soo malas i knw it 'l b crowded thing there. and i knw i missed alot by skipping this event. yes erma, of course i'l go wif u coz u r d one who asked me 1st but i was away. (kalau x balik puch x dapat dwet) ha ha ha

i reached puchong b4 maghrib (sabtu). damn i'm so malas that saturday. woke at 1130am. shower at 3pm. and muvi-ing till 6 baru gerak balik puch. then maghrib kak reeny and abang long balik from work and they bought choc cake for me n iki (my cousin he hv d same bday date). light some candles. adam sang us 'hepi bday' (seriously he can sings). so cute. and boo~ 

and thats

so. thats how i spent my weekend. the end.
classes n all d new students coming.
i really hate monday.


fafa je said...

adam sgt comel nad!
pkai pyjama ke! omg!
culik dia bwak g star Mas.haha.;p

Zahera Azlea said...

youth 09? u didnt miss a thing.mcm crappy gila.except bahagian baju2 bijou bazaar.itu best! :)

eRmAbuTAng said...

chumei sgt2 si adam tuh~~
she's rite
u miss nuthing much except my fav lomo wall hot butts flirting n shopping
ya ya dats alll

nuT said...

ya saya mau tgk tshirt.
dan gig.
itu saja yg menarik.

tak apa.
saya ada adam cumil.

dia panggil aku 'Ghel' (girl)
cuteeeee ^^

~riena~ said...

adam mmg sentiase chumeyh...geramm akuh tgk dier nut...
seriusly..bwk lah dier g sini..ley maen2x..kiterog babysit jap..
its gud ur having fun...during weekends.i did :P...heheh


nuT said...

korg nak babysit?

sah sah adam lari.

suma cam hantu.