Saturday, August 12, 2006

going mad

yes, xm finished, assgments done, holiday coming.. nothing to worry anymore, just ma wau's project havent finish yet, but it's in OK condition i guess.. wow, ma busy day turning lazy..

hehe, thanx dad, he gave me a car 4 ma transport to college. i hold another big responsibility.. duh, n now i'm broke! car mantainence, house rent, life needs, camp 2 cameron.. i spent more than 500 for that in a month! like i am a successfull businesswoman? sigh.. i'm just a poor little student T_T..

ya, i'm goin 2 cameron highland next week, from 16-19 august for kembara visual fotografi.. it's under pend seni visual department. then i'm goin home, yong peng for a week b4 i cont ma studies next 2 weeks. i'll have tiring holiday i guess..

um dats all 4 now.. ma credits low. geez, c ya next time. bye.

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