Saturday, March 11, 2006

the day i nearly die

well nothing happen till i nearly die, it just a stupid title dat killin me softly .. argh~ complicated!! i'm sure those who close 2 me knew wat 'd happen.. da weird thing..
/close topic/
nothing special since my last post, days come and leave like always, bit suffering when da allowance bit late n da sports day tiring meeeee!

hurm.. bile tah.. i forgot, kitorg buat lawatan ke PLPP, Bangi. Sorry no pics coz i didnt bring along my digi cam.. plus it wasnt my group dat incharge for da interview and report.. so i didnt give all my atntion to them.. i'm not ready 4 lawatan dat day thought.. unlucky me~

aih.. gotta go, my sis called me. need to fetch her now.. cont later.. bubye!

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