Friday, June 24, 2005

Knocking On My Heart (--")

hye guys.. LOL I really dont know what going to say but since it's been a long time I didnt post I just feelin not good since u r here visiting my page but nothing new.. xP really sorry --"
urm.. bad news when i've been rejected by KPM, didnt got any offer to any IPTA, but just this morning my cousin sms me told me that "hey maktab dah kuar, pegi la check".. luckly i got at MPIK, KL.. but still dunno i'm going or not.. xP xP
Special post:
Aha, HaPPy BeLaTeD BesDaY to Sis Rika/Misha/Eda. Sorry.. really sorry a bit late but yeah, enjoy ur late birthday from me.. hehe
To Azyan a.k.a my best friend ever.. u know i love you, everyone love u my please be strong girl, i'm with you.. study hard and yeah.. u know u can do it because i know u can and so they know u can and so the other people that u know that they know u can.. [please stop me! i start talking nonsense..]
To my beloved cousin Khairina.. u go girl! thanks for your support and keep praying for me.. ^^
Lastly, to my nice and lovely friend, Nur.. thank you and thank you.. [touched by your kindness and games]
and sure to you too readers.. *hug tightly*

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